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10 Powerful Free OCR Software for Mac That Frequently Utilized by Users

I ran across your site while doing a search on "OCR software. All I wanted to do was to be able to edit a 5-page scanned document.

OCR Using Microsoft OneNote 2007

Let's face it, you're not going to get perfect results with free OCR software on Mac. However, these free OCR apps are the best you can get to convert PDFs. If you are looking for free mac ocr software or services to work on scanned PDF or Are you looking for the best ocr solution, particularlly online and free OCR.

The OneNote method you mentioned worked! Beats retyping all of that text! And it turned out to be free! Easy to use and have a good recognition result. You can download it from Google Play. Lordy what a time saver! Thanks again for making the choice clearer. Thanks Elisabeth. It's always a pleasure when a simple article becomes so useful for our readers.

OCRs have got so much better now! Thank you very informative I was jus about looking a OCR software OneNote is good enough for what I want to do. Very very very good post. Thank you very much for your work. It is very simple to do it with OneNote. Thanks so much Barcelona. OCR has matured tremondously since I wrote this article.

And yes, OneNote is great. I tried with OneNote and it keep telling me that I have old version. I have version Office. I appriciate for your help Saikat Basu. Here is my email: But things are improving at a fast clip thanks to machine intelligence. Even I want to convert images to text that have mathematical notes printed.

List of the 5 Best OCR Software to Use

So these notes has mathematical signs and I sued Abbyy Find reader but having problems with that. Can you suggest a good software that will probably convert the accurate sign in the text format? Yes whatsapp to We have the software. And we are also doing service. Any complicated font can be converted.. Thanks so much it worked perfectly!

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Another reader had the same query. I am redirecting you to the MakeUseOf Answers page where this is discussed. Instead of coherent words, I got a bunch of letters, numbers, and punctuations. I don't know if it's my handwriting, if because the other side can be faintly seen, or a combination of both. Oh well back to the standard way of typing them out. And is there an OCR that allow rules to be written and define for images. Example if the OCR scan an predefined image of a house, then it writes the word assigned to that image?

Not sure about the second part of your question. Smart Receipts is another Android app.

OCR Software for Mac & Windows

I would like to convert some mathematical algorithm with supper script. OCR will be best for my solution? Do an OCR on both.

Review of 5 Optical Character Recognition Software

Take the results and create two Word documents. Then compare both. There are also online document comparision tools available, but Word can do it very well. I installed FreeOCR and that seems to work very well for me. I have only used it on typed and clear documents and not anything with freehand writing. But, it did the job I was looking for it to do. I tried to install Simple OCR but didn't. They seemed to want you to create an account with all sorts of information. I didn't want to do that for something that's supposed to be free. Thanks for your suggestions.

They are helpful for me.

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Simple OCR looks cool because it can recognize handwriting. When choosing OCR software, I always think about the recognition accuracy and recognition speed. Yunmai Document Recognition is really great for me. The average time for recognition of a document less than 6 seconds. Looks good. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Maybe, it's time to come back with updated and new tools on OCR: Please tell me how to convert an image which has a font type which is not in the free OCR database and any other database. I have the ttf file for the font type in the image. Please tell me how to add in any ocr database and convert them? I am flummoxed. Maybe our Answers community can help you out.

Sorry meant to say interesting review thankks, looking to see if buying HP's Readiris is worth it - any thoughts. I used kitpdf. It's simple to use, no need to install the tool, just upload the needed files.

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I recommend using it. I was looking for the simplest thing I did not need any of the fancy features.

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Privacy Sitemap. Enjoyed this article? Machine print recognition though does not have any restrictions. If you refer other customers to OnlineOCR. Thanks for your suggestions. You get all the tools you need for taking paper documents from a scanner and making them fully readable, neatly organized, digitized documents.

The cost of the software was outrageous. Then I read your article. One Note is free and does what I need. You are a life saver. Great Post, i have searched for google to get some useful info on how to convert images into text but found nothing better than this Post. I have been searching for these free tools for a while and I realized after reading this article that I forgot Microsoft Offices comes with one. I needed to OCR a pdf in Spanish: But I got great results from the online ocr service OCRterminal.

I just had to wait 18 hours for it. Does anyone know where to get other languages for FreeOCR? The link provided in the software is I am in need to be ability to scan my hand written documents via my scanner into my MAC and edit the scan documents. I am puzzled that the title of the post is "top 5 free", yet your first two of five are paid Microsoft products - neither free as in freedom, nor free of charge. I certainly wouldn't want you to buy Windows for these two: We don't need to look elsewhere for the software. Apart from Linux, we have to pay for all OS,don't we.

We feature a lot of MS Office tutorials here too Office isn't free too in that sense. Microsoft Office was not there as part of my installed OS. Windows XP, bundled with Microsoft Works. I would need to look elsewhere for that software. And then I would need to buy it and install it before it would be there.

Top 10 Free OCR Software For Mac

It is not free but came in my laptop through my work company. Abbyy Finereader, nothing comes close. Not free but for ocr or doc conversion it's not got a real rival. I also wrote the wrong version nos. It should be v2. The PDF issue was resolved in version 2. There's an 'Open PDF' button on the menu. I have been looking for something to do such thing with scanned pages in a pdf document.

With the above cue I was able to copy text from entire pdf scanned pages. I had to insert the pdf in OneNote and use the option to insert all pages and convert into text. Now I have my page user manual, which was all paper, in a searchable, editable word document! I also use the two MS tools. They are pretty effective for simple needs of the average user.