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Look at the information in the left pane of the Address Book window. Each column header is paired with an Address Book entry. Click any Address book entry that is not accurately paired with a worksheet heading and change it to the entry you prefer.

For example, "Email other " may be paired with the email address. You can change this to "Email Work " or "Email Home " as desired. Ensure the "Ignore First Card" option is selected. Click the right arrow button to see the first contact. The right pane shows you how the card will look when you have finished importing.

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Make any changes to the individual card by clicking the information in the right pane. Make any changes to all cards by selecting a new Address Book entry in the left pane. Click the right arrow button again to review additional cards.

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Delete any rows or columns that do not contain information necessary for the address book. If you are using a web-based application provided by your Internet Service Provider ISP to access your email, you probably only need to configure your account information to switch to Thunderbird. Export your contacts as a list. To import contacts to Outlook. In this case, you should make the list separator match in your Regional settings before exporting the.

When you are satisfied with how the contacts look, click "OK. When the wizard opens, click " Browse " and choose the folder e. Click Next : check or uncheck the fields you'd like to export for each person in your address book.

What Features OLM Contacts Migrator Posses

If you never entered a particular piece of information for that contact, the field will just be blank this is not a problem. You'll see a "Windows Live Contacts - export in progress dialog".

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It will close as soon as the operation is complete:. To import contacts in Outlook or , click on the File menu and choose " Import and Export ", and follow the prompts.

O - Importing CSV - Outlook (MAC)

Microsoft provides detailed instructions on importing to Outlook from each of these clients or data formats. Launch Thunderbird, open the Address Book, and select the list you want to export. If you have more than one list, you will need to repeat these steps for each. Give the file a name and indicate that you want to Save as type: Comma Separated. Click on Desktop to save it to the Desktop location and then Save.

You can export your local Contacts from Outlook and from Outlook steps for import into Outlook for Exchange.

How to Export Your Outlook Contacts to a CSV File

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