Mac vs pc gaming 2012

Mac Vs. PC: Ultimate Laptop Lab Test

But even great machines need maintenance to stay in good working order. This guide will help you make software and hardware adjustments to keep your Mac as speedy as possible over the long haul so it can stay in top gaming shape.

Yes, you can play Fortnite on a Mac. Here's how to make it look awesome

Clean desktop clutter A busy desktop can slow down your Mac. Put these images and documents in folders instead of leaving them on the desktop by themselves. It is easy to fill it up to the max with personal files and games. If you are about to play a game, you may need to close some apps for best performance. Web browsers are notorious for using up RAM, especially if you have a lot of tabs or windows open. If you are having trouble, try closing some apps and windows.

You should restart your Mac at least once a month, perhaps even once a week. But if you are the type to leave your machine asleep a lot of the time, remember to restart it once in a while to refresh the system. Run a cleaning application Cleaning apps are a good way to have scheduled maintenance done on your Mac with minimal fuss. They can also help you manage extensions, startup items, unused apps and more.

Mac vs. PC gap is the narrowest since '90s

Prosoft Drive Genius 4 is a great option to speed up, clean up and protect your Mac. Whichever app you settle on, be sure to run it a few times a month for optimal use of OS X. Check your hardware The better the machine, generally the better your gaming will be. If you are buying a brand-new Mac, be sure to think about your gaming needs and buy accordingly. Apple and other retailers also offer customized upgrade options or pumped up models. Shop

But for existing users, you can look to upgrade some of your hardware for better gaming. Since graphic cards are not upgradeable unless you have a Mac Pro tower and if you do, MacSales.

Start playing Fortnite on your Mac

This is solely because Macs strive to accomplish a specific goal: fitting as much computing powerful in as small a package as possible. Well, it's time to stop the bickering and cut through the rhetoric and marketing once and for all. Windows 10 takes that focus and runs with it, making it better than ever before. A quick search on sites like bestbuy. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.

Hard drives matter too. Aside from being a place to store your games, hard drives play a major role in accessing and loading your games as well.

iMac Pro gaming

A faster drive, such as an SSD, also improves boot times and system tasks. Almost every brand-new Mac currently comes with an SSD, but not all. And if you are running an older Mac like myself, you may not have an SSD.

A quicker drive will boot up and load your games much faster. Doing this yourself is often an advanced task, so make sure you are comfortable upgrading beforehand.

Upgrade your RAM RAM plays an important part in your games running smoothly and even what kind of games you can play at all. Over time, the importance increases as games and operating systems become increasingly demanding. Various people have been experimenting with their own DIY Mac Pro upgrades, and lots of YouTubers are sharing methods for upgrading the computers.

In response to this gap in the market, the Hackintosh community has thrived and the Mac Pro Upgrade community has risen.

Is it time to swap your Mac for a Windows laptop? | Technology | The Guardian

His custom-built model was able to get 24 fps in each case. To be clear, even the most highly modified Mac Pro 5. He tells clients that his computers will likely be competitive for another couple years, and that it will no longer make sense for him to modify these computers in about a year and a half as CPU and RAM technology in stock computers improves to the point where the components that are still compatible with old Mac Pros can no longer compete.

He, like everyone else in the pro world, is anxiously waiting for Apple to announce new Mac Pros. Mar 27 , pm.

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Mac vs. PC gap is the narrowest since '90s. By Doug Gross, CNN. Updated AM ET, Fri July 6, Chat with us in Analyst shows Mac vs. PC gap. How do you play PC games, and use OSX? . iMac for years to come since it is blown away by the iMac models and of course a bargain the system is versus a Mac which importantly can run both OS X and Windows.

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