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How to Make Windows Look Like Windows XP: 5 Steps

Complete with everything to outfit your Windows computer with Apple related visuals, the Mac OSX Theme is a visual and interactive theme that transforms your desktop into one that looks exactly like a Mac. From the task bar at the top of the screen to the brushed chrome window frame background images, this theme is a fully functional replication of the Mac world. Because it is based in WindowBlinds, a Windows customization tool, you need to install that before the Mac theme can take effect.

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Luckily, both programs are free and easy to get started. Once downloaded, the initial theme is far from the only choice after you start delving into all of the tweaks you can make. Including numerous Platinum, the Mac OSX Tiger, and Sabertooth, this theme has everything you need to customize your desktop to look like any type of Mac on market.

Mac OS X Leopard Transformation Pack For Windows XP

Along with color schemes, wallpapers, text font, and transparency, the feel of the theme rests solely in your creative abilities. SP3 here or, if broken try googling leopardxp or "uxtheme. Again - I'm not sure about 64 bit. Easy stuff first Move your background that you download to a place such as My Documents.

Right Click and select use as background. The cursor Run the program If it hasn't already selected the cursors.

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Even easier Run the Rocketdock Installer. After install - run it and checkbox a few things right click - Dock settings Install the theme patcher for vista follow this: Patch the Vista theme dll file : download VistaGlazz install it. XP users do this: Edit: try searching for leopardXP This method will work still: 1 Download the file and extract in a handy location eg: your Desktop.

Use the Windows Embedded blue theme on your XP machine without patching.

Thank you! Steve Jobs ( - ) Hello everybody! When I had uploaded a new Video on Mac OS X theme on Windows XP/7 on my YouTube channel. The best Mac OS X Leopard Theme for XP SP1, SP2 & SP3. great happens - only the desktop changes and I get the old Windows greay bar.

This should create a new uxtheme. Now we can add support for Linux, and use it for other tasks Linux can run as a virtual machine. I do suck at step names.

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This thing we are about to download will allow you to run ANY OS - that does include windows and linux, but not Mac Unless you are illegally doing it. Download Virtual Box from here And whilst you are at it - download the newest Ubuntu live iso from This link - Get the newest one Or 8. Click in the window Follow the guided installer partition it all!!!

Make Windows XP Look Like Mac OS X - (FlyAKiteOSX)

Allow it to reboot. When you have got all updates installed Right Control click to get out Click on Devices Install guest additions Click on the autorun file restart. And you are done!!!!

Vista Transformation Pack

The software bundles a variety of individual tools to add additional Mac functionality such as colored folder icons, taskbar, dock and much more. If you are a fan of the Mac interface but prefer the Windows operating system, this should be in your must-try list of software. This transformation pack offers:. During the installation, it is possible to choose specific objects to be installed.

For example, if you have the Longhorn Transformation Pack, you must uninstall it before installing a new BricoPack. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.