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How to: merging iTunes libraries between users

Let us know in the comments and we'll help you out. If you're no fan of Memoji stickers you might be able to disable them soon if an iOS USB-C is the future, and grabbing an external hard drive is a great way to store backups, music, movies, files, and more! Skip to main content. Forums Shop Toggle Search.

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Before you start: Back up your Mac Before making major changes to your computer, it's always a good idea to back up your data: The best way to back up your Mac is with a Time Machine routine in place, but you can choose an alternate backup option that's right for you. What you will need You will, of course, need the computer your iTunes library is currently on.

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You will also need the following: An external hard drive and power source, if applicable A USB cable to connect the hard drive to your original Mac A power source for your original Mac If you're moving to a new computer, your new Mac and its power cable Step 1: Consolidate your library Over time, it's easy for your music, movies, apps, and other iTunes content to end up stored in various places throughout your computer's hard drive.

Launch iTunes on your Mac. Click File in the upper left corner of your Mac's screen.

Hover your cursor over Library in the dropdown menu. Select Organize Library from the secondary menu. Tick the box for Consolidate Files in the window that appears. Click OK. Connect your external hard drive to your computer using a USB cable. Click on Finder to open a Finder window. Select your Mac's hard drive. Click on the Music folder. Select iTunes and drag it to the external hard drive.

How to combining multiple external drive libraries into one internal drive libray

Click Authenticate when prompted to give permission to move the iTunes folder. Enter your administrator password. Step 3: Redirect iTunes to the new location Once you've transferred a copy of your iTunes library onto an external hard drive, you will need to set a new path for the iTunes app by redirecting it to search the external hard drive for content, rather than your local drive. Launch iTunes and hold down the Option Key at the same time. Once this merge is finished probably another half hour , I'll have a library of unique songs on one drive.

Dec 6, PM. Did you lose any in the merging process?

Apr 15, PM. Apr 16, AM in response to mpressley In response to mpressley. All of the information in the get info window is replicated in the.

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I don't know what format they are in ie; a number to represent the rating stars, or the star charachters themselves , however the rating column is in the file. I don't rate my songs generally speaking, If I don't like to hear them I don't keep 'em so there is no data in the ratings column in my. I'm sure the ratings would come across though, all of the other data I entered into the get info window transferred to the merged library. Apr 16, AM. Apr 16, PM. Thanks very much, this was very helpful and very clear.

One question. Once the libraries have been merged, did you delete the old copy of the smaller library or do you have to keep that? Thanks in advance. Jun 10, AM. I've kept the smaller library on the external drive. It's kind of stand alone as far as the range of songs on it. I can still link to the library when I have the drive connected to my MBA.

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As far as the export files go, they aren't much use after the merge; I have still got them but there is no need to keep them. Both libraries are now different to what was contained in the original export files: the library on the external drive has had the duplicates removed manual process using the. The library on my iMac has had the remaining files on from the hard drive added. So, I've kept the libraries and related.

Jun 15, PM. Thanks very much, it all worked like a charm with the merge, and thanks for the further advice, most helpful. I had four enormous libraries on four different computers, and they reside all happily together now on my latest. Jan 31, AM. Jun 30, PM. So when you export do you get all of your music or just purchased music.

Much of my library is composed of ripped CDs.

How to move your iTunes library to an external hard drive

Jul 23, PM. This does not seem to work when exporting from a Mac and importing into a Windows box. It imports the playlists but not the songs. Jan 25, AM. To make it work mac to windows.

How to Merge iTunes Libraries

Now click chose and point it to the. If your entire iTunes library is synced to your iPod or iPhone, move it from your device to the new merged iTunes library. Most don't transfer apps but you can always re-download apps to the new iTunes library. Unlike the external hard drive method above, these programs let you retain star ratings, play counts, playlists, etc. If you use an online backup service, merging iTunes libraries can be as simple as downloading the latest backup from one computer to another if your library is very big, you may want to use DVDs with your data on them that some services offer.

Whether you download or use a DVD, use the same process as with external hard drives to move your old iTunes library to the new one.

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All the contents of your iTunes library — apps, movies, TV, etc. You can find these non-music items in your iTunes folder in the My Music folder. While some iPod copying software won't transfer all of these kinds of files especially if they're not all on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad when you try to copy it , the methods above that include drag-and-drop copying of files from one iTunes folder to another will move these non-music files, too. After you've moved the files from your old iTunes library to the new, merged one, take these two steps to make sure that your new library is optimized and stays that way.

This is called consolidating or organizing your library, depending on your version of iTunes. Go to the File menu in iTunes. When the window appears, go to the Advanced tab. To ensure that your new iTunes library can play everything in it, you need to authorize the computer to play the music you've transferred.

7 ways to merge iTunes libraries from various sources

Grab highly rated Bluetooth speakers for cheap in Amazon's one-day Prime SuperSync seamlessly and intuitively lets you compare, organize, merge, and manage music libraries across all of your Macs, PCs, and NAS devices. Have questions of your own for the iTunes Guy? Click the "Sync" button when iTunes launches unless the sync happens automatically. Sign in Recover your password. And this dialog keeps displaying as I use iTunes. When it is finished, you can safely eject the device by clicking the "Eject" button.

To authorize the computer, go to the Store menu in iTunes and choose Authorize this computer. When the iTunes account sign-in window pops up, sign in using the iTunes accounts from the other computers merged to the new one. Before you get rid of the old computer that you moved the iTunes library from, de-authorize it to preserve your five authorizations. Share Pin Email.